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Ok so now that you understand everything there is to know about how to play the game you're probably wondering where you can play video poker. Well you've got a lot of choices. Video poker machines have been around for about 30 years. Depending on the laws in different states and countries you can often find machines in entertainment venues including bars and restaurants, lounges and of course casinos. In recent years with the boom of the online casino industry the Internet has become a popular place to play video poker games in a virtual setting. Every popular online casino software program should include multiple variations of video poker games.

There are also plenty of free video poker software simulators like this one. You can play as much as you like as often as you like just for the fun of it. Nothing to risk, nothing to lose, just the fun of video poker. You may enjoy it as a pastime or you may be practicing your skills. Free video poker is certainly a great way to learn how to play, get familiar with the rules and understand how the game works in real-time with no risk involved whatsoever.sino.

Free video poker games are available online in download mode and no-download browser based versions. Flash and java video poker games allow the player to play right in his or her browser in real-time. This means no-download and installing any software. So long as your Internet browser is up to date you're good to go. It's fast and smooth features great, realistic graphics. For people who like to play video poker on the go they can check out mobile games too. Players can enjoy the game whenever and wherever on their cell phone or hand-held device with free mobile video poker games. There are many different places and ways to play video poker; the main point is to have fun!