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Poker: for some it's a fun card game enjoyed casually with a group of friends at home and for others it's a way of life. Poker is arguably the most popular card game and has gained a huge following all around the world thanks to lots of publicity and a big fan base. You can switch on your TV and see a high stakes poker match or a celebrity tournament. Video poker is another great version of the game that moves the action into the virtual world. In many ways the first video poker machines from the mid-70's are like the predecessors to the online video poker software of today. Video poker machines remain as popular as ever at entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants, lounges and of course casinos.

Video poker machines first:

Video poker machines first came on the scene in the mid-70s thanks to technology that allowed realistic graphics and true to the original odds. The video poker machine was a box not unlike a slot machine and contained a screen or monitor displaying the poke cards. . An internal computer chip regulated the game, the cards that were dealt and all the player's decision such as to hit, hold and fold offering the same odds as a real multi-deck game over poker. During the 80's the video poker machines really started to take off and gained a big following at casinos in Las Vegas. They offered the player the chance to have a private one on one game of poker without having to actually deal with a live dealer. The other big appeal of the video poker games was that players could enjoy the same great game but with slightly higher odds in the player's favor.

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Video poker is played just like table poker:

Video poker is played just like table poker. The player starts by making a wager by pushing a button on the machine based on how much he or she wants to bet. Different machines offer different betting amounts and paytables. After the bet is made the player hits the 'deal' button and 5 cards show up on the screen facing the player. At that point the player can discard one or more cards and will be able to trade them in for new cards that come out of a computerized deck. Note that with video poker card counting is ineffective since the virtual deck is randomly turning out cards based on the odds of them coming up, not based on what is actually left in a deck or multiple decks of cards.

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Once the video poker machine:

Once the video poker machine deals out the new cards the player has chosen to replace the machine automatically compares the hand to the listed paytable and if a match is made the player wins and is paid out.

These are the winning poker hands offered on most video poker machines starting from highest (most rare) to lowest:

Royal Flush:

  • Royal Flush - A run of the 5 highest cards all in the same suite (no one suite outranks another): 10H, JH, QH, KH, AH
  • Straight Flush - A run of 5 cards all in the same suite: 4S, 5S, 6S, 7S, 8S
  • Four of a kind - 4 of the 5 cards are the same: QH, QD, QS, QC
  • Full House - 3 of a kind and a pair: 10H, 10D, 10S, AS, AD
  • Flush - Five cards all in the same suite: 4H, 7H, 10H, 3H, KH
  • Straight - a run of cards not in the same suite: 10S, JH, QS, KC, AD
  • Three of a kind -3 of the same cards (not necessarily in the same suite): 8H, 8D, 8S, KH, 2C
  • Two pair - Two pairs: AH, AD, 5C, 5S, 4D
  • Jacks of better - at least a pair of jacks: JH, JS, 8D, 3S, 10C

Check the paytable on the machine:

Check the paytable on the machine you're using in order to see what the winning payouts are based on the above poker hands. Payouts are higher based on the odds of getting a rare combination such as a Royal or Straight Flush. Some video poker machines offer progressive jackpots on such hands especially if the player is playing the max bet. Video poker machines come in many different game variations, one of the most popular being Texas Hold'em Poker, you can choose to play for free from some very popular online poker websites or you can earn a bonus when you join using a code.

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