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Video Poker Profits

One of the key selling points of video poker is the fact that some versions of the game offer over 100% long-term payback. This is much like poker or sports betting, where people can make profits over time if they're good enough.

The three specific variations that give players an advantage over the house are Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus. Deuces Wild is the best because it pays out 100.76% when players use optimal strategy. Of course, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus are no slouches

either because they can offer 100.2% and 100.1% payback, respectively.

But one important factor that players must note before seeking out these games is that the positive long-term payback figures are only offered on full-pay machines. After all, there are plenty of Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus variations that feature less than 100% payback. So if you're on one of these games, you are less likely to make money over time.

So now the question remains, can video poker players still earn profits over the long haul? Let's discuss this subject by talking about how often you can actually find full-pay games.

Video Poker Special Offers

Assuming you were a sports bettor who loved NFL betting, you would have the opportunity to win long-term profits in pretty much any scenario. That's because the house only takes 10% juice (in most cases) from the losing side, and the rest is up to the bettors. So if you can overcome the juice by winning more than 52.4% of your bets, you will be a winner.

Video poker differs in this regard because you are limited by what the machine is programmed to offer. For example, if the max that a Jacks or Better paytable will allow is 99.54%, you are unlikely to exceed this amount after hundreds of thousands of hands. Obviously casinos like to keep their advantage, which is why most full-pay video poker games that you see are Jacks or Better or another variation.

But there are times where you'll see full-pay Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus offered. The majority of the time, these are part of special promotions that land-based and online casinos run to entice visitors. The key is to do some heavy research so you know what casinos are offering games with over 100% payback, and for how long.

Should you still play Games with less than 100% Payback?

Based on what we've discussed so far, it's definitely preferable to play certain video poker games. However, this isn't to say that you should totally avoid the other versions - especially if you can't find full-pay Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus.

Many video poker games feature a very low house edge anyways, so they're not a bad bet at all. This is certainly true with the commonly offered Jacks or Better, which has the aforementioned 99.54% payback. Assuming you use optimal strategy, you have a solid chance to win profits in the long-term. And even if you don't, games like these are at least a better proposition than Caribbean poker, keno, roulette or slots.

So video poker is worth playing in just about any capacity if you enjoy gaming. Just make sure that you know proper strategy, though, and how to look for full-pay games.