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Everybody loves freebies. If free video poker games are what you are looking for, the Internet has a host of websites to suit your needs. Some of these websites offer free video poker games without restriction as to age or skill level. Anybody, no matter how old or young they are, with a knack for online video poker games can play free video poker.

What you need to remember when playing free video poker is that your opponent is the machine and not another poker player. Video poker is like a combination of a slot machine and poker. It is already one of the favorite pastimes in casinos and on the Internet.

How to Play Video Poker

It is quite easy to play video poker. You place your bet. The machine accepts the bet and deals you five cards out of a regular 52 card deck. You choose among the five cards that you want to keep and those that you want replaced. The Machine replaces the cards. After you have your hand ready, the game would then begin. Your game depends on how good your hand is, which type of poker you are playing, and the kind of payout table you are playing against.

Where to Find Free Video Poker

Free video poker games are found in nearly all casinos in the world. They are even found on the Internet. Video poker in casinos is still very popular but because the Internet is readily accessible by almost anybody with an Internet connection and a computer, online video poker is turning out to be much more popular. The online version of poker simply took your regular poker game and posted it on the Internet so that anybody can learn the game and/or play it anywhere. People can play the game at the comfort of their home for free.

Playing the game on the Internet sometimes require downloading a game or just a plugin of the game for your Internet browser depending on the website where you want to play free video poker. Downloading the game usually takes up much of your time but these depend on how fast your connection is and how powerful your computer is. A plugin is probably more common as it's probably a jscript, flash, or a Java applet. Most browsers already have these so you don't have to spend time downloading them and you can just be on your way to having fun playing free video poker.

If you are in Las Vegas, for example, for a convention, on vacation, or trying your luck in the casinos, there are several casinos that offer promos like free video poker games for the newbies. Some of these casinos have video poker machines that allow more than five poker players to play at once. If you're in town, you can play these games along with the various traditional casino games.

Some players believe that playing video poker takes more skill than the traditional poker games. Video poker, whether online or onsite, does not rely on luck. The players are more in control of how they play the game whether they win or lose.

Whether you are playing over the Internet or at the casinos, just remember to have fun playing free video poker. The Internet can be your friend. It'll help you find the best sites that offer free video poker and casinos that offer them as part of their promo.

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