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Most people play video poker for the sheer fun of the game which is why free video poker games are so popular online. But even when you're playing for free there is still a strong urge to win and beat the machine or software. Here are some important video poker tips to help you win.

the best video poker tips:

One of the best video poker tips involves your betting strategy. Always set yourself and upper and lower limit for what you plan to wager. As soon as you reach either you should call it quits. This will make the game much more enjoyable. Often different machines can be played for different denominations. Choose one that you are comfortable with. This will allow you to play for longer and ultimately have fun. It's recommended that new players start on lower denomination machines. Of course the beauty of free video poker games is that you can simply refresh your playing credit and you are playing strictly for the fun of the game while not actually risking anything.

Also remember this important video poker tip:

Also remember this important video poker tip: though the ace is the highest ranking card in the deck it isn't actually the most important; the queen, king and jack all make it much easier to build a Straight or Royal Flush. And the jack itself can offer the chance to make many more winning hand card combinations so players should hang onto a jack over an ace

Another tip you may not think about: don't rush!:

Another tip you may not think about: don't rush! Video poker doesn't involve a real dealer so there is no pressure. Study your hand and think long and hard about which cards to turn in for new ones. This is how you learn and become a better video poker player. Finally, be sure to read the payable of the video poker machine you have chosen before you start and always pick a machine offering attractive payouts because not all video poker machines are created equally.