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It shouldn't be surprising to hear people being confused about which is most ideal to play: video poker online or the real and live poker game. Obviously, the problem here lies on the question of whether poker is best played in real-world casinos or in the Internet superhighway. And when it comes to cases like this, the more options a person is granted, the more difficult it becomes for him to reach a decision. From choosing a dish in a restaurant menu to picking the right shoes for the party getup, from selecting the right toothpaste at the grocery or picking the right flowers at the florist, it's hard to decide which is which when the choices are overwhelming. The same holds true for gambling. Would you rather get up and save your money for the real casino fun or would you rather stay at home and bet online on various casino games online? Well, this should be easily answered by looking into the pros and cons of playing video poker or the real-thing online poker.

Weigh in the Costs

Even taking out other obvious factors such as hotel and travel costs, playing the real poker at real casinos would definitely cost more. Aside from the fact that you have to dress up appropriately for the venue, you also have other fees to worry about-table charges, tips, etc.-plus don't forget the little shots of whiskey or brandy that you need to complete the night. Although poker tournament fees may be comparable, it is obvious that doing the real thing is definitely more costly.

Check the Reliability

One of the fears that online video poker gamers have is the paranoia about the randomness of the cards being dealt, especially with the thought that the software was designed by a human. Most online video poker players have doubts about whether the software accurately split pots correctly and quickly.

This does not mean however, that playing the casino poker live will ensure a player of an error-free game. Casino dealers are only human beings prone to make mistakes. It is also probable that some casino players or your opponents may make the wrong calls causing you or other players throwing cards at the muck. Human errors do and oftentimes happen.

Test the Experience

With the advent of everything being done online, it's no wonder there has been an unstoppable rise in number of online video poker. But don't' get intimidated so fast. Most of these online video poker players are trying the game online because they are actually afraid to try the real thing in the casinos. And true to what skilled poker players have claimed, you definitely cannot match experience poker players with novice ones. There definitely is no match, even when we talk about online video poker.

Know the Figures

It is true that, as mentioned earlier, the number of player of online video poker continues to soar over time. The comfort of playing right at your very own homes is definitely attracting more and more poker fanatics, young and old. However, this fact should not be missed: more and more hotels and casinos are also being built around the world on a regular basis. This also means one important thing: that more and more people are still in for the excitement and the fun that the real poker game has to offer.

Start with the Basics

Poker games, like all the other games that were invented, were originally created for a social purpose. This factor is obviously being satisfied and met when one dresses up, travels, books in a hotel, and moves up to the many game tables in the casino to play poker. As opposed to the video poker where one can practically stay at one place for a long time alone if he gets online and enjoys the game of poker, doing the real thing will get you socializing, playing with friends and associates, meeting new friends, establishing connections, and the like.

This social factor however, may also be used against the real poker game. Unlike playing video poker online, casino poker entails having to sustain the disruptions that a social place like a casino would bring-the noise, the huge number of people, and many more. These things play an important part in one's game.

Nonetheless, other people find it more exciting to do the real casino poker in that it will give them the chance to practice and hone one of the most vital skills a good poker player has-being able to read the opponent's actions and figure out how to use it to one's advantage. Obviously, this is in no way possible over an online video poker game.

There you have it, the advantages and disadvantages of going online for a video poker game or doing poker, the live way. The choice is always yours!