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For any game of chance, there always are surrounding myths and beliefs that are either used to make the player believe in the increased chances of winning or scapegoats for losing. "Too bad, not much luck today" or "Because there is this and there is that, and so on and so forth." Myths never leave poker alone. Video poker myths have been woven to serve as buffer for any impending defeat or the winning streak. Some myths go beyond human reasoning. It is the belief in them that makes these video poker myths come alive.

How True Are These Myths?

That a royal flush must hit every thousand times like 40,400 times? There is no truth to this video poker myth. This has never been proven, and there is nothing in the machine that says so. Royal flush can hit at anytime; whether a hundred times or 100,000 times, the royal flush can even be hit twice in a row.

How about that video poker myth that a machine next to yours can affect your play? This video poker myth is far out. There is no way the other machine can make you lose or win your game unless the two machines are linked through a progressive pot. In some cases maybe when you find your neighbor annoying, your anger can make you lose your concentration on the game and you lose.

How about avoiding the machines that have just paid a royal flush? Again this video poker myth has put the law of averages in question. Of course, the last royal flush has no effect on the next one. Every play on a video poker machine has an equal opportunity of hitting a royal flush.

Another impossibility and popular video poker myth is having some people correctly predict the cards and suits that will appear. If some people can really predict what cards will appear, this is pure coincidence; other than that is next to improbability. No matter how good your memory or how high your math quotient is, this video poker myth is simply a myth.

Other Impertinent Thoughts

Video poker machines are said to have hot and cold cycles. No matter who is playing the same machine will give the same chances of winning. Any player can win. Your winning is not in anyway affected by the previous player or the next ones. You cannot compare yourself to the machines. This is one video poker myth that can affect human emotions. Machines deal with cards without purpose.

How much you bet can affect your chances of winning. This video poker myth should not be heeded. People sometimes think that betting more increases the chances of getting bad cards. Some analysts, however, have said otherwise-playing big means winning big. Of course, they didn't say about losing big, which is also a great probability in this situation.

Video poker myths abound even in the most sophisticated casinos. Just like slot machines, video poker is no exception. There are basically numerous different tales that people churn about diverse ways to raise the chances of winning and thrashing the machine. Some video poker myths go to the extent of believing in good luck charms and amulets.